[July  2022 - July  2023, Paris]

July 2022 - July 2023, Paris

Centre Pompidou

Permanent Exhibition

Room 29, 4th Floor
The GAIV (Vincennes Art and Computer SCience Group) was launched at the University of Vincennes (now Paris 8 University) in the wake of May 1968. This multidisciplinary group brought together various personalities, including Hervé Huitric, Monique Nahas, Jean-Claude Halgand, Jacques Dupré, Fanie Dupré, Jean-Claude Marquette, Louis Audoire, Roger Tanguy, Patrick Greussay, Pierre-Louis Neumann, Jacques Arveiller, Jérôme Chailloux and Michel Bret. Using the resources offered by computers, the GAIV encouraged collaboration between artists, musicians and scientists at the Vincennes IT department. At a time when it was still difficult to access computer equipment, these digital pioneers experimented and produced works based on a programming aesthetic. These works challenged the hierarchies between the arts and shed new light on the relationship between art and technology, from "pixel by hand" to the first on-screen modelling.
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