[What's New at the ArtInfo-MusInfo Site]

What's New at the ArtInfo-MusInfo Site

Fourth Quarter 2o22

2o22-12-o1   PSuisse
Add new pictures
2o22-o8-o1   Conniver
Compact description of implementable interpreters, an application to the Conniver language, TR 16-76.
2o22-o7-o5   Centre Pompidou
Centre Pompidou Exhibition

Third Quarter 2o22

2o22-o6-3o   https
Switch server from http to https

Second Quarter 2o18

2o18-o5-o8   Institut de l'Environnement
Art and Informatics by the GAIV.
2o18-o5-o7   Non numerical
Non numerical programming languages.
2o18-o5-o6   Micro Systemes
July 1980, Micro Systemes.

First Quarter 2o18

2o18-o3-16   COLORIX
COLORIX, Louis Audoire's dissertation.
2o18-o2-22   mini
VLISP: Structure and extension of a Lisp system for minicomputers, RT 16-76.
2o18-o2-21   tailrec
Iterative Interpretation of Tail-Recursive LISP Procedures, RT 20-76.
2o18-o2-1o   InitiationLisp510
Introduction to programming in LISP 510.
2o18-o1-2o   Rapport1974-1975
Research Report on AI, Paris 8 University, 1974-1975.
2o18-o1-11   Lisp 510
LISP 510 Manual, Description and Use.
2o18-o1-1o   VLISP 80
VLISP 80 implementation notes.

Fourth Quarter 2o17

2o17-12-2o   Migration
HTML 5 migration and external links check.

Fourth Quarter 2o12

2o12-1o-3o   Yellow Submarine
A friend of the site has colorized "a la Yellow Submarine" the full site.
Thanks Ewa!

Fourth Quarter 2o1o

2o1o-1o-3o   VLISP 10.2
Notes on VLISP 10.2.
2o1o-1o-29   LISP T1600
Provisional Manual LISP T1600.

First Quarter 2o1o

2o1o-o1-o7   Copyright
The site is protected by a Creative Common "Attribution - NonCommercial - ShareAlike" License.

Third Quarter 2oo8

2oo8-o8-2o   VLISP - AID
VLISP - AID, RT 10-77.
2oo8-o8-19   VLISP Compiler
An Optimized VLISP Compiler.
2oo8-o8-18   A VLISP Machine
A VLISP Machine.

First Quarter 2oo8

2oo8-o2-24   Hyphenation
Hyphenation Algorithm in French.
2oo8-o2-22   Greussay PhD dissertation
Contribution à la définition interprétative et à l'implantation des Lambda-Langages.
2oo8-o2-2o   VLISP Section
A new section devoted to VLISP.

Fourth Quarter 2oo7

2oo7-11-11   VLISP 8.2
The VLISP 8.2 Reference Manual, a version of the VLISP system designed at the University Paris-8 Vincennes and implemented on 8080 / Z80 micro-computers family.
2oo7-11-o4   Lisp Bulletin #3
The third (and the last) Lisp Bulletin issue. It had almost disappeared.

Third Quarter 2oo7

2oo7-o6-o5   Dalmasso
2 new reports from Gilbert Dalmasso in the Documents section.

Second Quarter 2oo7

2oo7-o5-15   Documents
A new section, in the "issues" part, for various documents like the Colorix plans.
2oo7-o4-22   Event
The last event of the ARTIST period is online. We'll continue to add, correct and extent this section with new materials.
2oo7-o4-21   Events
More than 50 featured events. We are close to 500 pictures now.
2oo7-o4-19   Press Room
A Press Room section, with a selection of press clipping related to this period.
2oo7-o4-o6   Gigondas
We plan to have more than 50 featured events. The last on line, Gigondas. We are close to 300 pictures now.
2oo7-o4-o1   Vitry-sur-Seine
22 various events are available with 179 images. Thanks to everybody!

First Quarter 2oo7

2oo7-o3-2o   Events
A new section dedicated to the GAIV events is open.
2oo7-o3-o8   Misc
A new section for miscellaneous documents on computer science, mainly course notes.
2oo7-o1-28   Directory
The 1977 "The Computer Music Directory" is available.
2oo7-o1-22   GAIV
A new chapter for the Site about the famous Groupe Art et informatique de Vincennes! Please help us for the various translations ...
2oo7-o1-21   VLISP
A new section for the documents about the VLISP language which will include all the Reference Manuals, User Manuals and the related papers.
2oo7-o1-2o   English Navigation
To increase the Site's accessibility, an English Navigation is provided. Moreover, a flag indicates the language of the presented documents (unfortunately most of them are in French).
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