[Welcome to the ArtInfo-MusInfo Site]

Welcome to the ArtInfo-MusInfo Site

Over fifty years ago, a group of painters, musicians, psychologists, educators, linguists, mathematicians, poets, architects and computer scientists gathered within the Computer Science Department of the University of Vincennes (*) to form what became known as the "Group of Art and Informatique of Vincennes".

This site is dedicated to these bright people.

During the first ten years of existence of the Group, a newsletter was published, the famous "ARTINFO-MUSINFO" which gave its name to this site. It serves as a repository to all that has been written, seen or heard during this fertile period which began in 1969, the year of creation of the University of Vincennes and ended in 1980, the year of its transfer to Saint Denis.

If you have articles, texts, pictures, sounds, programms, plans, ... or any other materials related to the GAIV activites from this period and if you want to share it, please contact us.


The Artinfo-Musinfo Site features today:


(*) Vincennes is a city, close to Paris, France, not related to the Vincennes University (VU), a public University whose main campus is located in Vincennes, Indiana, United States of America.

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